Be honest rather clever. 诚实比聪明更要紧。

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⊙ We have a very happy marriage. 我们的婚姻非常幸福。

⊙ Life is but one love. 一生不过一个挚爱。

⊙ Better an empty purse than an empty head. 宁可钱袋瘪,不要脑袋空。

⊙ I just want to wish you a happy new year. 我只想祝福你新年快乐。

⊙ Wine and wenches empty men’s purse. 酒和美色使人倾家荡产。

⊙ Be swift to hear, slow to speak. 多听少说。

⊙ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 情人眼里出西施。

⊙ At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. 当碰到了爱情,每个人都成了诗人。

⊙ A bold attempt is half success. 勇敢的尝试是成功的一半。

⊙ You need to burn your boats, in order to win. 为了胜利你需要破釜沉舟。

⊙ Misfortunes tell us what fortune is. 不经灾难不知福。

⊙ From now on,love yourself,enjoy living then smile. 从现在开始,爱自己,享受生活并且微笑。

⊙ Life in the mountains hardened me. 山区的生活使我更加坚强。

⊙ Business before pleasure. 事业在先,享乐在后。

⊙ 爱情签名Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. 宁静来自内心,勿向外寻求!

⊙ Be honest rather clever. 诚实比聪明更要紧。

⊙ Conquer yourself rather than the world. 征服你自己,而不是去征服世界。

⊙ While there is life,there is hope. 一息若存,希望不灭。

⊙ You never know your luck. 命运好坏不由己。

⊙ Well begun is half done. 好的开端是成功的一半。

⊙ Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side. 感情用事是失败者的生理缺陷。

⊙ Men are cruel, but Man is kind. 群众是残忍的,但个人是善良的。

⊙ Sow nothing, reap nothing. 春不播,秋不收。

⊙ I’m very glad to see you. 我见到你很高兴。

⊙ Live for love and die for love. 为所爱而生,为所爱而死。

⊙ A good name is easier lost than won. 名誉失之易,而得之难。

⊙ Time is money. 时间就是金钱。

⊙ Like tree, like fruit. 羊毛出在羊身上。

⊙ The unexamined life is not worth living. 没有反省的人生不值得活。

⊙ Life without a friend is death. 没有朋友,虽生犹死。

⊙ Keep quiet time for time. 静守时光,以待流年。

⊙ The wealth of the mind is the only wealth. 精神的财富是唯一的财富。

⊙ Pain does not matter to a man. 对男子汉而言,痛苦算不了什么。

⊙ Love is an open door. 爱是一扇打开的门。

⊙ I became a captive to her beauty. 我因她的美色而变成了俘虏。

⊙ Love is life in its fulness like the cup with the wine. 生命注满了爱,就如酒杯斟满了酒。

⊙ The sensible man is not influenced by what other people think. 明智的人不为别人的想法所影响。

⊙ Laugh and grow fat. 心宽体胖。

⊙ Quitters never win and winners never quit. 退缩者永无胜利,胜利者永不退缩。

⊙ I know I do not leave you, so I utter not a single word. 我深知我留不住你,所以我不言不语。

⊙ He is rich that has few wants. 寡欲者富。

⊙ Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. 童年是没有生老病死的国度。

⊙ Life is not all roses. 人生并不是康庄大道。

⊙ The first step is as good as half over. 第一步是最关键的一步。

⊙ Steadfastness in the face of trouble. 面对困难时仍不屈不挠。

⊙ Nurture passes nature. 教养胜过天性。

⊙ Light from the darkness, darkness emergent light. 光明源于黑暗,黑暗涌现光明。

⊙ Even miracles take a little time. 就算是奇迹也要花点时间才能发生的。

⊙ There is no garden without its weeds. 没有不长杂草的花园。

⊙ Silent and prond,lonoly but free and easy. 沉默且骄傲,孤独却洒脱。


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